Foster for Permanency?






  • Please read the information below. If interested, please call SLCAS at 519-336-0623 or send in the Application Form.


The Need:

  • Children NEED families.

  • There are currently many children and youth in care who are available for adoption, including sibling groups.

  • CAS recognizes single parents, LGBT members, single income and double income households as families, equal in worth and experience for all children.

  • We don't need you - THEY DO.


The Plan:

  • We know it's damaging to a child's wellbeing to be moved around.

  • Therefore, a model known as "Foster For Permanency" was developed.

  • If children cannot be returned home to their biological parents or placed with kin, foster parents may adopt, obtain custody or have the child placed through customary care.


What does permanency mean to children?

"We just need some love from our forever families; some people we know who won't abandon us. We're not items, we can't be returned at the scan of a barcode. So you know how good it feels to come home and have a mom and dad?”

“I was adopted when I was 12...I know for sure my adoptive mother, sister and extended family have my back and no matter what happens in life, I have a safety net. I know I am one of the lucky ones and I would not have had that if I stayed in care.”

"There's no place like a spot in someone's heart."


What does permanency mean to adoptive families?

"The biggest struggle was thinking about how we would pick up our hearts if/when Sophia returned home. We would miss her! But we would be happy for Sophia. We had many discussions about how wonderful it was that Sophia was in our lives, and how wonderful it would be if she could live with her mom”

"Ensure you truly understand the program and understand the risks and rewards involved.”

"The best thing for me was when her birth Mom handed her to me when she was about 20 min old and said 'Here is your Mom'. I will never ever forget that moment!"


Fostering Adolescents

Why foster us?

"They're the forgotten kids. No one realizes that our teens literally have no one and they're about to be launched into the adult world."
     - Foster Parent

  • We will teach you how to be more patient, understanding, kind and empathetic.
  • You don’t just get a child, you get a friend.
  • We need someone to share our life dreams, achievements and holidays with.
  • There are currently 76 adolescents in care, and the demand for housing is increasing.

What you should know from a Youth’s perspective:

  • We are deserving of your love: but if you don't show it, we won't know it.
  • Expect great things from us: low expectations result in unremarkable results.
  • You don't have to be a perfect family. Just be real. Be fair. Be prepared to teach. Be prepared to learn.
  • There's so much more to us then a file, a case, a broken family.


What you should know from a Foster Parent’s Knowledge:

  • “It's really a time about building resilience, building hope, and being a visionary for the future they thought they could never have.”
  • "Don't be delusional. It is hard, but it's not about you - it's about them.”
  • "Don't expect gratitude."
  • "You have to be flexible. Incorporate their traditions, and don't impose.”



"All they really need is someone to listen to them and help them out: be a parent."
     - Ron Geerts, Foster Parent


"I never knew why God gave me such a big house: then he filled it."
     - Ronnie Littlewood, Foster Parent

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