Since 1912, OACAS has represented Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario and provided service in the areas of government relations, communications, information management, education and training to advocate for the protection and well-being of children. We are the voice of child welfare in Ontario.

The Association is funded through membership fees, government grants and other revenue producing activities. OACAS is governed by a 16-member board of directors. OACAS provides system support to its member societies to assist and enhance their role in the community. Today, OACAS provides service in the areas of advocacy, government relations, communications, youth in care, information management, education and training, accreditation and member outreach.

Advocacy is essential both at the provincial and local levels. Provincially, OACAS works with government on the development and response to legislation, standards, policy, regulations, contentious issues and review mechanisms. OACAS represents member societies' interests in public forums which may affect our members and clients. We proactively make presentations to the legislature on a non-partisan basis through standing committees/house debates and meetings with party caucuses.

Promoting child welfare issues to influence public commitment and opinion is a critical role for OACAS.


To find out more, visit their website http://www.oacas.org